Constructive Dismissal

Constructive dismissal: A guide for employees

Role erosion in the workplace

Coronavirus Legislation

Coronavirus: Employee rights

Coronavirus furlough leave/Job retention scheme

Coronavirus: Government pay for self employed

Unfair dismissal, pay cuts and bullying due to coronavirus health & safety at work


Discrimination in the workplace

Discrimination questionnaire – Am I being discriminated against at work?

Age discrimination at work: guide for employees

Disability discrimination at work

Mental health discrimination at work and how to deal with it

Pregnancy and maternity discrimination at work

10 Tips for returning to work from maternity leave

Race discrimination in the workplace

Sex discrimination at work

Sexual harassment at work and settlement agreements

Vegan discrimination in the workplace

Employment Law

Employment law

Employment law and Acas

Employment law Q&A

Glossary of common employment law terms

Brexit Employment Rights Issues

Do I have a case?

Why the two years’ service rule matters for employees

Without Prejudice

Without prejudice communications

10 Tips on how to write ‘without prejudice’ letters and emails

Without prejudice meetings and conversations at work

Without prejudice letter templates

Employment Procedures


Appeals by employees


Disciplinaries at work: a guide for employees


Grievances at work

Grievance meetings at work: advice for employees

Grievance procedures at work

Grievance letters and how to write them, plus letter templates & examples


Performance improvement procedures and plans (PIPs) at work


How to resign from employment

Employment Tribunals

Employment tribunals: practical advice for employees

Employment tribunal costs, including ‘without prejudice save as to costs’

Employment tribunals types of claims: An employee’s right to sue

Employment tribunals: time limits for making tribunal claims

Employment tribunals: How to start a claim and complete the ET1 claim form

Employment tribunals: Commencing the Acas pre-claim process

Witness statements in employment tribunals

Employment tribunals: preliminary hearings

Employment tribunals: details of claims templates & examples

Evidence Gathering

Evidence gathering for employees’ work disputes and legal cases

Can employers monitor my communications?

Evidence gathering in employment disputes: How to keep records (and win your case)

Evidence gathering in employment disputes: Making audio & video recordings

Evidence gathering in employment disputes: Emails, letters & documents

Subject access requests made by employees

Subject access requests templates

Witness evidence for settlement agreements

Ill Health

Ill health early retirement and settlement agreements

Sick pay in your employment notice period

Sick pay: a guide for employees

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions: Advice for employees

Monaco Solicitors

About us

Contact us


FAQ: Frequently asked questions about your employment law case

Media coverage


Case types




Privacy policy

Career Opportunities at Monaco Solicitors

Career opportunities at Monaco Solicitors 2021

Monaco Solicitors employment law – legal jobs

Case Studies

Case Studies: Short outlines of some Monaco Solicitors’ employment cases

The Independent reports our constructive dismissal claim

Tribunal award 2 years’ salary for discrimination and unfair dismissal

Redundancy during Covid-19: help for employees. Alex Monaco on BBC Radio London


15 quick tips for negotiating settlement agreements

Redundancy negotiations

Employment exit settlement offers: Responding, accepting and breaking the deadlock

Protected conversations at work

Settlement negotiations

Without prejudice: when and how to use it in negotiations

Settlement agreement negotiations

Pay & Conditions


Bonuses in employment termination packages

Employment Contracts

Employment contracts: An employee guide

Employment contracts: Can your employer change your contract?

Flexible Working

Your rights to flexible working

Notice Period

Notice period when leaving employment


Redundancy: a guide for employees

Is my redundancy fair?

Sham redundancy: examples and guidance for employees

Can I be replaced by someone else in a redundancy?

Does my redundancy have to be kept confidential?

Redundancy selection

When can I ask for voluntary redundancy?

TUPE/Transfer of undertakings (Protection of employment)

Settlement Agreements

Settlement agreements, compromise agreements and how much should I get?

Settlement agreement compensation calculator

Concluding a settlement agreement: guidance for employees

Settlement Agreement Templates 

Payment in lieu of notice (PILON)

Tax implications of settlement agreements

Tax on pension payments and settlement agreements

Ex Gratia Payments

Ex gratia payments in settlement agreements

Gagging Orders

Phillip Green and Should Gagging orders be banned

Garden Leave

Garden leave and settlement agreements

Settlement agreement for employees with long garden leave or notice period

Share Options

Share options in severance packages


Getting references from employers in settlement agreements

Restrictive Covenants

Restrictive covenants

Can post-termination covenants in your employment contract restrict your settlement?



Unfair Dismissal

Unfair dismissal settlements and compensation

Ill health unfair dismissal letter builder

Performance unfair dismissal – letter builder for employees

Virtual Lawyer

Virtual Lawyer

The Law Society Gazette on Monaco Solicitor’s ‘Virtual Lawyer’ legal letter builder



Workplace Behaviours


Bullying and harassment in the workplace

Wrongful Dismissal

Gross Misconduct

Wrongful dismissal & gross misconduct: an employee guide

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