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Introducing Monaco Solicitors - Employment Law Specialists

Who are Monaco Solicitors and what do we do?

We are specialist employment law solicitors representing employees only.

Our main focus is on successfully supporting and representing employees who have been badly treated at work. To achieve this, our fully qualified and experienced senior lawyers offer employees a wide range of employment law services.

These include: drawing up legal letters and documents, negotiating with employers for clients’ settlement agreements and financial compensation, reviewing and signing settlement agreements, and representing clients at employment tribunals.

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What employment law guidance and resources does our website offer?

We make hundreds of resources available for free on our website, all aimed at helping employees to help themselves with their employment law cases.

Amongst these resources are:

– Practical guides for employees on how to negotiate settlement agreements;

– Templates and examples of legal letters and other documents drawn from real employment law cases;

– ‘Letter builders’ enabling employees to write their own legal letters to their employers so they can resolve disputes;

– Our award-winning calculator to help employees estimate how much compensation they should receive from their employers.

What kinds of employees become Monaco Solicitors’ clients?

Our clients are employees from a wide variety of backgrounds. They are diverse in such attributes as their gender, age, race, salaries and the kinds of cases they bring to us.

But whoever they are and no matter what the nature of their employment issue, if an employee comes to us with a legal workplace problem or dispute, then our accomplished employment solicitors can most likely help them.


How much do our legal services cost?

We work on a ‘no win no fee’ basis wherever possible and are happy to provide other kinds of legal support on a competitive fixed fee or hourly basis.

We undertake to accept someone’s employment law case only if we think we can win it and always inform people what our charges will be, prior to any commitment.

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We wrote the book on Negotiating Settlement Agreements

Our book ‘The Resignation Revolution: How to Negotiate Your Exit Like a Pro’ shares the tips, tactics and techniques used by our senior employment lawyers to win employment law cases.

The book is written in non-legal English so that employees can use it to gain the edge in negotiations with their employer. It provides practical insider knowledge on how to cope with a variety of employment law problems and disputes.

It helps you determine what your prospects are of remaining employed and – if you want to leave – guides you through the process of how to calculate and negotiate the optimum exit settlement package.

Ellie Reeves MP says: “This book will help you access justice in the employment law sphere.”

What our clients say:

“Garvey Hanchard assisted me with a Settlement Agreement. I had an instant good feeling about him during my first consultation.

He was an absolute gentleman to work with. Not only is he very knowledgeable and professional; but he’s also very warm, personable and has great humility.”

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